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  • Only the rich or multinational company need to register an offshore company
    No, most of the offshore company formation is for business or international trading purpose. As the fee is not high, hence is suitable for small and medium enterprise to set up.
  • Is the incorporation process complicated? Do I need to travel to the particular jurisdiction for incorporation purpose?
    Offshore company incorporation can be done by the agent or the service provider which can be found in many countries, the company can be set up without having travel. Only when apply for the bank account in Hong Kong or Singapore will need to travel to open account.
  • Is offshore company required to submit annual audit report?
    No, as offshore company is tax free, hence it does not need to submit annual audit report to the government, only pay the annual government fee and the related fee to the government and the agent.
  • Having or incorporating an offshore company is illegal, only criminal who involved in money laundering and illegal activities needed?"
    Having an offshore company itself is not illegal, otherwise it has no need to be exist and being promoted by many consultation firm. Offshore company is link to criminal because of some black sheep who misuse the offshore company to commit into criminal activities such as money laundering.
  • Having only one offshore company is enough for every international transaction?
    Usually we will provide free consultation to the client according to their need, design a best suit structure to the client to reduce the risk of business.
  • After the offshore company is formed, the client has to find his own bank? I can to open the bank account anywhere?"
    If the client has his own preferential bank and has good connection with his existing bank, we can assist in preparing the related documents; however, if the client does not have, we have work with banks closely to open bank account for client, mostly in Hong Kong and Singapore, as they are financial hub and without foreign currency exchange control, easier for international business.
  • Are there any other banks other than Hong Kong and Singapore banks?
    Yes, we are working closely with other offshore banks which located in offshore jurisdiction and they are providing substantial service for international trade too.
  • Bank account is guaranteed after the offshore company is formed?
    It would be the international trend for hard to open bank account as the banks are having strict control of opening bank account to eliminate money laundering. Hence, the documents of the client are not well prepared, most of time will be rejected.
  • It will be wasted to form an offshore company if unable to open the bank account?
    During the interview and meeting with the client, usually we will do a simple background check of the client to make sure the client fulfills the banks’ requirement to open the bank account. After the company is being incorporated, we will further advise the client the process and the documents required by the bank to increase the chances to successfully open the bank account. However, the company must still has to incorporate to let more business park under the company to reach the requirement of the bank.
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