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EWO consulting provide you with professional and tailored advice in formation of offshore company,
banking account and tax management.
What is Offshore company

What is an Offshore company?

An offshore company usually refers to a company set up under a specific International Company Act issued by some countries or regions. The purpose of these countries provides facilities for non-resident personnel or companies to set up the company with a low tax or no tax according to the specific international Company Act is to develop the trading development and investment of the country.

As the offshore company is easy to incorporate, consumes the least time, and is without foreign currency exchange control, hence it is also known as a tax haven or tax paradise. The government of offshore company jurisdiction will normally appoint an agent to collect the government fee, management fee, business registration address fee, and other fees that might be relevant or called annual fees in general from the client.

Benefits of incorporate offshore company

The offshore company is normally set up by a personal and corporate body, to use for trading or investment holding purposes. There are several benefits to utilizing the offshore company for overseas structure planning, such as below:

Risk Management

Real Estate Planning


Deferred of tax paying

Overseas Triangular Trading

Overseas Listing/IPO planning

Assets Protection

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Benefits of offshore company formation
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