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Samoa, which comprises two large islands and seven smaller isles, is situated in the center of the Southern Pacific Ocean, approximately equidistant between Honolulu and Sydney and immediately east of the International Date Line. The Islands have a total land area of approximately 2,831 sq km. The administrative and commercial center is situated in its capital, Apia. The population of the Islands is approximately 250,000. Samoa was the first South Pacific Island to achieve independence on 1st January 1962. Its Constitution provides for a Parliamentary Government, which combines the traditional Samoan social structure and a democratic voting system. Samoa has an excellent international telecommunications system with telex, facsimile, and international direct dial facilities via satellite. The economy relies heavily on agriculture. All International Companies incorporated in Samoa that conduct their business activities outside of the country and are not residents are not liable to pay any taxes.


Corporate Requirement

  • Company Name: Chinese name allowable, but has to be the same meaning with the English name.

  • The company name ending normally ends with Limited、Corporation、GmbH、Incorporation、S.A.、A.G.、N.V., or short-form such as Ltd, Corp. and etc.

  • No minimum registered capital, standard registered at USD1,000,000 with a par value of USD1.00.

  • Has to appoint at least one director:

    • Can be individual or corporate.

    • Can appoint shareholder or somebody else.

    • Director has to be at least 18 years old.

  • At least one shareholder.

  • Required to appoint company secretary, can appoint shareholder or anyone else.



Company Characteristics

  • Established diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China, having the China Embassy in local which makes it at ease for legalization of necessary documents for investment in China.

  • No annual general meeting required, no need submission of an annual financial report and annual audit report to the government. However, the annual fee has to be paid before 30th Nov of the year, to avoid late penalty charges.

  • No public search solution for director and shareholder information, but has to be filed in registered office.

Samoa Company Formation
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